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Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid
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Johnny Rapid

Born in 1992, Johnny Rapid started in the adult industry in 2011. Rapid was a high-school wrestler, as is evidenced by his lean but muscular frame. Based in Atlanta, he films exclusively with When he’s not filming, his hobbies include cars and mechanics.
Rapid received wide media attention in 2015 when publicly offered $2 million to Canadian singer Justin Bieber to film an adult scene with Rapid.
Rapid has been nominated for multiple awards and has won Best Porn Star: 2014 Cybersocket Web Award and Best International Porn Star: 2014 Prowler Porn Awards. 

If you're a fan of Johnny Rapid, it will come as no surprise to you that he has won more porn awards than most adult stars. Winning Cybersocket's Best Gay Porn Star in 2013 was certainly a highlight of his career. His hot streak continued the following year when he was awarded Best International Porn Star at the Prowler Porn Awards. In 2017, he won the Cybersocket award for Best Porn Parody or Satire. That year, he also won Hottest Top and Best Videography at the Grabby's. Johnny Rapid is an accomplished porn star with over 200 scenes to his credit. Naturally, you can expect his Fleshjack sex toys to give you an award-winning orgasm every time.

Johnny Rapid started in the adult industry in 2011, and he's known for his lean, muscular frame. This frame is what makes him so desirable on screen. Although he states that his favorite food is leftovers, his slender 145-pound build makes him seem like a health fanatic. Rapid married in 2010 and has started a family.

Johnny Rapid received wide media attention in 2015 when, to whom he's exclusive, publicly offered $2 million to singer Justin Bieber to film an adult scene with Rapid. The stunt was never completed, but it helped Rapid become a bigger public name in the business.

Expanding His Horizons

In addition to filming some of the hottest porn clips ever, Johnny Rapid has participated in many other types of videos. For example, Johnny did a clip for that stressed the importance of testing for testicular cancer. He says in the video, "My balls are my money maker, so it’s important I check them at least once a month to make sure they’re in prime condition." Comedy aside, the video has Johnny walk men step by step through a potentially life-saving exercise.

You can also see Johnny's real day-to-day life in a television episode of "Outspoken," a series dedicated to showing what it's like to be a porn star. His off-camera life includes a frank discussion about being a straight man in the gay porn industry. When he's not having sex, which he says is one of his favorite activities, he's driving fast classic cars as a hobby. He loves the outdoors, and you'll be an instant friend if you watch the Harry Potter series with him.

Go Where Many Men Have Gone Before

As most of his on-screen partners would agree, even Johnny Rapid refers to his sexual glory hole as the Man Cave. The Fleshjack sleeve featuring Johnny's exact model welcomes you to experience the Man Cave in all its perfection. This Johnny Rapid sex toy has a total length of 9.75 inches. Within the sleeve, you'll have 8.5 inches of room to thrust and stroke.

Your length will first enter a tight yet welcoming inch of pure bliss. As you spend a little time stroking the first entry space, pushing a little deeper squeezes you even harder. Ribbed sides massage your shaft as you explore even farther into the Man Cave. As you reach the deepest part of the sleeve, you'll be fully engorged and engulfed. Natural suction and diagonal ribbing will twist and turn you from tip to shaft. The entire experience is designed to feel as realistic as possible.
As you have sex with Johnny Rapid, watch some of his many titles on a phone or tablet using the Fleshjack PhoneStrap. This nifty accessory allows you to clip your phone or tablet to your leg or other nearby surface. The hands-free experience gives you the freedom to do anything with those hands and fingers while you explore the Man Cave.

All the Right Curves With Johnny's Member

The Fleshjack mold of Johnny Rapid's penis is perfect. At an ideal total of 7 inches in length, you can experience the entire 5.75 insertable inches of Johnny Rapid as deep as you want him. The deliciously curved member, one of his trademarks, hits you in the right spots whether you take him tip up or tip down. You could even combine the dildo with the Man Cave for a truly immersive experience. With these sex toys in your own home, you can repeat the personal orgy at any moment.

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Accessories for Your Favorite Sex Toys

When you have sex with Johnny Rapid, you want to give full attention to the sensation and pleasure of his body. You want your anatomy as fully engorged in the Man Cave as possible. If you're hands-free, you can have a threesome with Johnny Rapid alone while enjoying the curved dildo. For constant Man Cave access, install the Fleshjack Shower Mount with Flight Adapter in your shower. You'll stroke into the twists and tight tensions of the Johnny Rapid sex toy without needing a hand. The natural suction will bring you straight to ecstasy at an incredible force.

Viewers who watch Johnny Rapid in action know why he has been honored with so many adult film awards. The Man Cave and curved dildo of Rapid's perfect fit will give you the pleasure experience of your life.

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